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Our hospital for treatment of sclero
February 2011 18-20 Fudan University held its sixth International Forum of Rheumatology Grand Metropark Hotel Suzhou. Guo Gang£¬ Zhong Cheng was invited from participants.… ¡¾more¡¿
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Research in Multiple Sclerosis Ridge H...
Rheumatological disease research world...
Scleroderma usually do nursing work...
Scleroderma patients in Spring...
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Mr. Guo Gang
Associate Chief Physician£¬Medical Postgraduate£¬Director of No.2 Department of Rheumatism ...[more]
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Our hospital for treatment of scleroderm
February 2011 18-20 Fudan University held its sixth Internat… ¡¾more¡¿
· ¡°Scleroderma Clinical and Research Internat...
· Research in Multiple Sclerosis Ridge Hospit...
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Thoracic duct drainage in the treatment of systemic scleroderma is a surgical method used to insert the silicone tube cervical ….[more>>]
In recent years£¬ stem cell research has become a hot area of biological research in medicine£¬ autologous stem cell .[more>>]
Ultraviolet light to kill viruses and has anti-inflammatory effect£¬ can improve the skin‘s blood circulation and improve.[more>>]
Note the warm clothing to prevent cold£¬ warm£¬ outgoing available gloves£¬ electric mattress sleep£¬ less under cold water .[more>>]
Collateral disease theory that both collaterals disease development and progression of many diseases in a pathological aspects .[more>>]
Typical Cases →more
A Typical Case of Esophagus Affection
Ms.Wang£¬ 40£¬ a patient of Scleroderma. Six years ago£¬ she initiated such symptoms as swelling and stiffness with face£¬ trunk and limbs. The color of both hands deepened and got pale ….[more>>]
A Typical Case of Thoracic Duct Drainage
24 mm/h  CK 180.6U/L, CK-MB 40.5U/L£¬AST 32 U/L£¬LDH 124.4U/L¡£Ms. Liu, 47, was hospitalized for both hands' cyanosis for one year, stiff of skin all over for four months and dysphagia for one month….[more>>]
A Typical Case of Shenzhe Zhuyun Mixture
Mr.Zhao£¬ 53£¬ from Hebei Province£¬ was hospitalized and numbered as 9548 for sensation of tight£¬ thick and stiff skin for four years along with difficulty in swallowing for two years….[more>>]
A Typical Case for Treatment of Adult
Ms.Ni, 43, Indonesian,  was hospitalized for skin swelling and stiff all over for eight years. The disease started with swelling skin at her nape eight years ago without any obvious cause and expanded to her upper ….[more>>]
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Diagnostic criteria for system
According to the American Arthritis Foundation£¬ write ¡°… ¡¾more¡¿
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Confidence and Determination i
The patients of scleroderma should be aware that this d… ¡¾more¡¿
· Long-term and Proper Treatment should be Pe...
· Recuperation on the day-to-day Basis Should...
· Facial deformation may indicate scleroderma...
Research Thesis →more
Yiling Hospital Division of Rh
1. Guo Gang£¬ Lu Chunling£¬ Wu Feng systemic scleroderma … ¡¾more¡¿
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Length of Day Care scleroderma
Although scleroderma is a chronic autoimmune rheumatic … ¡¾more¡¿
· Three principles of self-conditioning scleroderma...
· Daily care of the most important scleroderma friend...
· Daily Notes scleroderma patients...
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What is sclerode
10£¥ of patients with scleroderma renal cri… ¡¾more¡¿
· Scleroderma pregnancy...
· Scleroderma of thyroid dysfunction...
· Scleroderma patients how to soften the...
· What are the clinical manifestations o...
· Scleroderma patients with X-ray film h...
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