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Yilong hospital ultraviolet light therapy - ¡°hardening of the skin¡° of effective governanc
Ultraviolet light to kill viruses and has anti-inflammatory effect, can improve the skin's blood circulation and improve the body's resistance and stress ability to effectively reduce the effects of skin allergy. UV points UVA, UVB and UVC.
     UVA ¢ñ (UVA¢ñ, wavelength 340 ~ 400nm) light therapy is nearly 10 years began to be used a novel light therapy clinic. Compared with traditional light therapy psoralen ultraviolet A (PUVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB), UVA¢ñ not only have deep penetration, and no psoralen-related adverse reactions and phototoxic reactions. Foreign experts and scholars as the deputy director of the Department of Louisiana State University, McGrath, director of dermatology at Yale University Edelson represented as the representative will be applied to serious harm to human health refractory rheumatological diseases ...... especially hard treatment of skin disease, and achieved encouraging results. UVA can inhibit collagen synthesis, reducing cell infiltration, regulate immune function, so that prolonged survival in these patients, improved quality of life, especially stubborn skin sclerosis symptoms are well controlled and improved.
     Hebei Yiling Hospital Medical Center in 2007 scleroderma successful introduction of a German Waldmann UVA ultraviolet skin treatment system for the majority of patients with scleroderma, especially severe intractable skin swelling, hardening, pigmentation patient brings hope of recovery !
     Therapeutic dose we use is both safe and effective, and side effects to a minimum, so that patients get fast, safe and effective treatment. In addition, the implementation of the ultraviolet light therapy registration form system, to achieve a "patient-centered" service concept, enhancing the sense of trust of patients and enhance the quality of management treatment and care, and greatly improving the treatment and care quality, increasing the sense of participation of patients enhances his (her) confidence in the treatment of disease, and to relieve pain and shorten the course of treatment, reduce long-term side effects of medication.
     UVA treatment indications: localized scleroderma, systemic scleroderma, atrophic lichen sclerosis, eosinophilic fasciitis, adult scleredema, keloids, psoriasis, vitiligo crazy and so on.
     Scleroderma treatment short, ultraviolet light therapy skin treatment system advantages more prominent, with good efficacy, side effects, easy to operate, affordable, wide application, etc., and other characteristics of our department will make the combination therapy to achieve better effect.
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