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YIling hospital use collateral disease theory of traditional Chinese medicine on the treat
Collateral disease theory that both collaterals disease development and progression of many diseases in a pathological aspects, but also tend to be the initiating factor in the development of some diseases. In scleroderma, the localized scleroderma lesions confined to the skin and systemic scleroderma often visceral involvement while there, but the skin and internal organs is collaterals Circulation site. Systemic scleroderma lesions early, hurt yang meridians, involving the skin, collaterals constraints anxious, leading to frequent Renault levy, with the development of the disease, by Yang envelope (skin) and and meridians, yin and then transmitted by meridians network (internal organs), showing not only the onset of scleroderma in the network, but also from the table into its incidence, the characteristic along by the mass change, collaterals lesions throughout the development of scleroderma always.
     Ridge Hospital Affiliated to Hebei Medical University Scleroderma Research Center, Guo Gang, director under the leadership of scleroderma in-depth research, that the collateral disease theory of Chinese medicine treatment of scleroderma is the efficacy of the treatment of this chronic disease achieved a breakthrough cut point, based on the occurrence and characteristics of scleroderma symptoms and clinical manifestations should be attributed to Chinese medicine Arthralgia areas, summed up the ancient physicians from collateral disease theory of governance Arthralgia of history, and from the modern doctrine of collateral disease and scleroderma research point of view, revealing the existence of close links between the two, divided 5 syndromes from scleroderma collateral disease theory of governance, namely: cold pathogen resistance network lung health undeclared type; Hanning Cou, spleen and kidney yang; phlegm and blood stasis type; blood deficiency, loss of wing vein type; heat resistance network type. Clinically proven, according to the above type, collateral disease theory to cure scleroderma, significantly improved clinical efficacy, up 91.46% from the total effective, greatly shorten the onset time large, the vast majority of patients about two weeks to be effective, the theory efficacy of breakthrough innovations brought, for a large number of scleroderma patients relieve pain.
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