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Scleroderma patients how to soften the skin£¬ joints
Scleroderma patients with characteristic skin manifestations are swelling, hardening and shrinking of progressive development. When confined to a small piece of skin damage on the body and a few small pieces, people may not realize its severity. Sometimes the skin swelling, hardening occurs on one side of the body, when your hands or generalized in the body, the affected area will not be free to flexion of the joint, the joint will produce lesions. Therefore, softening swelling, hardening of the skin, the activities involved in the joints, is the first problem to be solved.
How hardened skin is it? Let's simply say something.
     From normal human skin, the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue components. The dermis contains large amounts of collagen fibers, it is like a net support the epidermis of the skin to maintain a certain tension. It contains a lot of subcutaneous fat, it makes skin plump and elastic. In case of illness, dermal collagen fibers proliferated and replace most or all of the subcutaneous fat, so that the skin and the underlying tissue becomes taut and snapping hard.
     Western medicine and Chinese medicine to soften the skin are some drugs, such as penicillamine, snow glycosides, colchicine, sodium calcium edetate, antithrombotic enzymes. These drugs have different effects characteristic plays the skin softening function. Here's the most common penicillamine, such as the role of asiaticoside characteristics and medication precautions are described below:
    (1) penicillamine: scleroderma specialist very like to use this drug penicillamine, when the patient's skin thickening, hardening, doctors first thought was chosen penicillamine. After nearly 20 years of clinical use, it can soften the skin, improve the patient's lung function and prolong survival of patients has been recognized. Penicillamine brown sugar-coated tablets, each containing 0.125 g of penicillamine, made ​​by the hydrolysis of penicillin. Penicillamine is white crystalline powder, slightly bitter taste, easily dissolved in water. Can be fully absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and rapidly excreted in the urine. Due to its special structure, a mercapto group can inhibit collagen synthesis of monoamine oxidase, thereby inhibiting the generation of new collagen, preventing hardening of the skin. Is not all scleroderma patients are free to use it? Before the mid-1970s, when just started using penicillamine treatment of scleroderma, doctors often use a large amount of drugs. Since the beginning of the use of excessive, so that adverse reactions occur faster, but also more serious, so that patients often do not adhere to treatment. The treatment time is too short, efficacy can not well reflected, therefore, once considered the drug of poor efficacy of scleroderma. In fact, penicillamine treatment of scleroderma, although a significant effect, but its side effects are also apparent. If in the course is prone to skin allergies, even severe eruption. It has a certain renal toxicity, can cause proteinuria, but also cause reduction in white blood cells and platelets and the like. How, then, should be observed to use it? Recommend doing the following: ¢Ù The first is to observe whether the skin irritation occurs, that is, whether there is a rash after taking on the skin; ¢Ú blood checked regularly to see if there neutropenia and thrombocytopenia; ¢Û urine checked regularly to see whether kidney toxicity, such as proteinuria, hematuria; ¢Ü some patients appear gastrointestinal reactions, such as stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea; ¢Ý very few patients will appear to change the vision and taste. How to prevent and reduce these adverse reactions it? Is best used under a doctor's guidance and monitoring. The best prevention is to slowly increase the use of low-dose administration of law. Such as starting from 0.125 g daily, every two to four weeks to increase 0.125 g / day, until 0.75 g / day until the continuous administration of 1 to 3 years. Often achieved good results, and significantly reduce serious adverse reactions. Minor adverse reactions such as during the symptomatic treatment generally does not affect the use of the drug.
    (2) snow glycosides: an active ingredient extracted from the traditional Chinese medicine, "come to play" in the. Studies have shown that it can inhibit the proliferation of fibroblasts, so that the amount of collagen fibers is significantly reduced. After a large number of patients using, swelling apparent hardening of the skin becomes soft. It's conventional dosage is three times a day, every four. There were no serious adverse reactions in clinical, long-term use is relatively safe. Chinese medicine Tripterygium preparations can restore skin elasticity, pigmentation relieve dysphagia improved and so on. Chinese medicine Tripterygium glycosides, salvia, breviscapine lesions can also significantly improve joint swelling and improve joint movement capabilities. It should be noted that adhere to long-term follow-up and treatment, is the key to overcome scleroderma.
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