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Mr. Guo Gang
Associate Chief Physician£¬Medical Postgraduate£¬Director of No.2 Department of Rheumatism ...[more]
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What is sclerode
10£¥ of patients with scleroderma renal cri… ¡¾more¡¿
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Confidence and Determination is the Key.  
The patients of scleroderma should be aware that this disease is NOT an incurable disease£¬ no necessary to be pessimistic. Never give up the treatment though the illness is still ….[more>>]
Long-term and Proper Treatment should be Persisted in.  
Scleroderma is still a chronic and stubborn disease currently in the medical world£¬ and so far there is no medicine or therapy able to cure it easily in a short term. It is the only way for best efficacy ….[more>>]
Recuperation on the day-to-day Basis Should Never Be Overlooked.  
As the Chinese saying goes£¬ ¡°thirty percent medical care plus seventy percent daily nursing is the way to curing a chronic disease¡°. It is quite evident that daily nursing is very important. ….[more>>]
Facial deformation may indicate scleroderma  
The very fact that 35-year-old£¬ five years ago£¬ the left side of the face beneath the skin of their zygomatic unexplained depression began to shrink£¬ and as time goes on£¬ ….[more>>]
Summer preventive care of patients with scleroderma  
Hot summer is coming to£¬ then how scleroderma patient care in the summer how to make yourself more health care£¬ experts recommend avoiding recurrent disease scleroderma summer care ….[more>>]
Diet tips scleroderma patients  
Scleroderma patients diet tips: Case of localized scleroderma£¬ skin lesions area without expanding stable ….[more>>]
Scleroderma Prevention  
Now most people think that the disease is likely to have genetic factors£¬ coupled with a long-lasting chronic infections caused by autoimmune disease. Some cases are often ….[more>>]
Psychological adjustment in patients with scleroderma  
1£¬ the patient should first look at their own illness£¬ clearly he was not suffering from ¡°incurable syndrome¡° and not a negative£¬ pessimistic. Tell the patient to maintain good mental ….[more>>]
How scleroderma patients conducted in Spring?  
In Spring must master the ascending gas spring weather comfortable features£¬ attention to defend the body yang£¬ so as to continuously abundant£¬ been strong£¬ avoid obstacles Haoshang ….[more>>]
How to conduct joint exercise in patients with scleroderma?  
Scleroderma often involving the joints£¬ causing extension or flexion. In addition to the treatment of primary disease£¬ should be joint self exercise. Active movement should be mainly carried ….[more>>]
Scleroderma preventive care what diet recipe?  
High protein£¬ high fibrosis diet£¬ avoid spicy food and strong. When the subject dysphagia£¬ shall be subject to the liquid diet£¬ and pay attention to slow pharynx. ….[more>>]
Scleroderma life conditioning  
1. Keep warm and avoid exposure to cold. Special fall and winter seasons£¬ severe temperature changes£¬ time to add warmth facilities. ….[more>>]
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