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Facial deformation may indicate scleroderma

The very fact that 35-year-old, five years ago, the left side of the face beneath the skin of their zygomatic unexplained depression began to shrink, and as time goes on, the sunken part shaped like a giant tadpole small brook, about 2 centimeters in diameter at its widest point, serious facial appearance. An inspection turned out to be suffering from scleroderma, through the abdominal flap yesterday, she finally has a flat face.

Chen lived in Lukou year old woman over sixty years old, in front of the Ministry began a decade slight swelling, a cold finger will pale purple, was not too concerned, gradually began to finger skin slight pain, stiffness , go to the hospital, the doctor did not give the exact diagnosis. Until the old lady body skin began to harden, a movement appeared chest tightness, shortness of breath, this pay attention to it, after the diagnosis, Mrs. Chen is suffering from scleroderma.

Scleroderma now known as systemic sclerosis. As the name suggests, is to harden the skin disease. Changes in the skin is a sign of systemic sclerosis symptoms. However, the severity varies greatly, the light only local skin hardening and calcification, there may be serious systemic sclerosis extensive skin thickening. Experts, scleroderma causes closely related to genetic and immune disorders, female incidence rate of 4-5 times that of men. According to current studies have shown that may be associated with genetic, environmental, infectious and other factors. Because of the clinical disease is less common, grass-roots medical staff lack of knowledge often leads to misdiagnosis, but not early, aggressive treatment such as scleroderma, left unchecked, the light disability, disfigurement, severe life-threatening, will give patients and heavy financial and psychological burden their families.

Scleroderma harm so serious, so if unexplained facial deformation, skin hardening, swelling, fingers, toes cold white, purple, joint pain, limited mobility, fatigue and other symptoms, should try to go big the hospital to confirm the diagnosis and timely treatment. For patients with scleroderma, experts recommend to do the following: 1, low immunity, infection easily induced scleroderma, should pay attention to food hygiene, living with restraint, timely change of clothing. 2, scleroderma patients with gastrointestinal harden, poor motility, gastrointestinal involvement should be avoided, eat some soft, easily digestible food, avoid eating raw, cold, hard and greasy food. 3, scleroderma patients should moderate exercise, if excessive activity, can cause sweating, hyponatremia, hypokalemia, appeared collapse, fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite and discomfort. 4, scleroderma patients should consult a doctor, regular treatment and improve prognosis, in order to achieve remission of the disease effects.

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