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Research in Multiple Sclerosis Ridge Hospital won the Chinese Medical Association Branch

WASHINGTON Recently, the State Administration of Traditional key specialties - Ridge Hospital of Hebei Medical University Affiliated with amyotrophic specialist launched a "test and clinical research in multiple sclerosis medicine capsule turtle deer marrow treatment", was awarded the Association of Chinese Medicine Science technology Award.

     Multiple sclerosis is a common nervous system demyelinating disease, are difficult disease worldwide. The clinical manifestations of limb weakness, unsteady gait, and even paralysis and numbness, pain, lower back belted sense, blurred vision and so on. Due date unknown etiology and pathogenesis, the current Chinese medicine, Western medicine are no ideal drug and methods. The experimental and clinical studies of the disease medicine Ridge Hospital of Hebei Medical University Affiliated with amyotrophic undertaken turtle specialist deer marrow capsule treatment, creatively put forward the theory cure disease from the "kidney Governor and collaterals" to "fill in the lean marrow, charge Governor active "for the treatment principle, determined to go through the odd, the Ba Mai, fill essence, fill Du, through collaterals based prescription medicine, developed a turtle deer marrow capsules. After a single-blind, parallel-group treatment principle comparative observation shows that the use of this medicine capsule in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, in improving clinical symptoms, neurological dysfunction, evoked potentials and other aspects of the treatment group than the control group, and the toxic side effects . After patients were 2.0 to 2.5 years of follow-up showed that by the use of turtle deer marrow in patients treated capsules can reduce the frequency of recurrence of the disease, reduce the relapse rate. The experimental study was approved by the display. The traditional Chinese medicine capsules can disrupt chance lymphocyte activation pathways activated lymphocytes invade the brain and spinal cord to regulate the body's immune system disorders by reducing to achieve the prevention of brain and spinal cord inflammation and demyelination. It is reported that currently Hebei Yiling Hospital amyotrophic specialist has admitted more than 2,000 patients with multiple sclerosis patients from around the country have received a better therapeutic effect.
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     Chen Jinliang, director of the physician, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine focus - Hebei Yiling amyotrophic specialist hospital director, director of the Hebei Chinese medicine treatment centers muscular atrophy, "Chinese turtle deer marrow test and clinical research Capsule treatment of multiple sclerosis." subject Zhuyanren; Medical Association is now in Hebei Province professional Committee chairman paralysis disease, the State Council special allowance, Hebei talents. In a national initiative by the theory of governance from the odd treatment of myasthenia gravis, that "odd by theory of governance, internal organs sub-license, triple burner divide and conquer" the diagnosis and treatment system, established a "warm Li Qi Yang, Fu Yuan Zhen decadent, Yiqitongluo," the treatment principles. In terms of the treatment of motor neuron disease, creating a "Rotary yuan wilt, Yang Rong myogenic" the new method of treatment, has formed its own unique characteristics and drug law theory, and achieved good therapeutic effect. Has been involved presided over two national drug research fund projects, a number of provincial Science and Technology Commission research projects. Won the National Science and Technology Progress Award 1; State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Institute of Science and Technology Award each one; Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award 2; number of bureau-level scientific and technological achievements. 14 edited books, hundreds of articles published in scientific papers. (From Health News)

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