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Scleroderma patients in Spring
In Spring must master the ascending gas spring weather comfortable features, attention to defend the body yang, so as to continuously abundant, been strong, avoid obstacles Haoshang yang and yang situation occurs. This is the basic principle in Spring, specifically to pay attention to the following aspects:
First, to warm cold spring is the transition from the cold winter season to summer heat, is in retreat yin yang long, cold to hot to the turning point. At this point yang gradually Health, and chill entirely. Because cold air activities, climate variability, temperature amplitude great. Therefore, the "Spring cover" or "minus busy spring clothing" to follow the germinal yang needs, but also to prevent disease self-care good law, wearing a loose stretch one hand, on the other hand should be soft and warm, the frail elderly person in particular, to keep warm, beware "cold spell wounding" best kept at room temperature for more than 15 ¡æ, but also slightly thicker quilt cover during sleep to not sweat principle.
Two, to stay up late to get up early spring temperatures rise, spring breeze, makes the skin Cou gradually stretch, strengthen the circulatory system function, increased peripheral blood supply to the skin, sweat glands also increased, the organ load increases, the central nervous system to produce a sedative and hypnotic effects, making the body tired, folk called "Chun Kun." The best way to overcome the "Chun Kun" is obedience to the natural variation of the human body, to comply with the principles of health Spring: To stay up late to get up early to ensure a certain degree of activity time. Early in the morning to get up, release buttoned, casual Phi hair, relax the body, in the courtyard stroll, breathe fresh air, so that ideology, Reiki germinal endless.
Third, we should carefully sheltered evil Chinese medicine believes that "the wind, sickness is the beginning." Means that many diseases, often associated with pathogenic wind connected. The key is to shelter in Spring. Modern medicine also very great importance to air (ie wind) and healthy relationship, because of changes in airflow can affect people's breathing, energy consumption, metabolism and mental state. Moderate airflow air clean, fresh, health benefits, and abnormal airflow is harmful to human health. Because of the role windy spring, exacerbated by heat exchange air with the skin, so that excessive body heat loss, reduced ability to cause human disease. So in the spring must pay attention to the anti-shelter evil.
Four, to a happy spring recuperating spirit, should be combined in the spring of nature all things hair characteristics, "it Zhisheng." Namely by adjusting the modality, so that the body's yang to sparse hair, to maintain coordination harmony with the outside environment. Spring should be in the liver, the blog of anger, showed a little irritation is irritability, so in the spirit of accomplishment to do open-minded, optimistic mood, failing to quit anger. "Wrath" is the emotional pathogenic ringleader, great harm to human health, because not only anger liver injury, but also sad, Shang Wei, brain injury, leading to a variety of diseases, so angry is the owner of one of the most taboo kinds of emotions.
Fifth, we should be diligent in sports spring is the best season of exercise. Spring sunshine, fresh air, warm air blowing, things blooming. This environment is conducive to human renewal, qi and blood circulation. Because of the cold winter, most people indoors, outside activities rarely empty, and therefore thermoregulatory center and function of internal organs also decreased to varying degrees, muscles and ligaments prolonged inactivity, but do not show atrophy, shrink weakness. After entering the spring should be based on their physical condition to select the appropriate outdoor activities such as walking, travel, qigong, and fishing. These outdoor activities that can make you fully enjoy the free flowing of negative ions in the air, which is conducive to the growth and development of bones.
Six, to beauty and health in the spring, people should take note not only from a health point of view, the problem can not be ignored aspects of beauty. Because the weather is getting warmer, outdoor activity increased. Dermatologists believe that the sun, air and environment and climate change can cause visible skin. To prevent skin aging, in the spring as possible to avoid prolonged sun exposure, outdoor activities should be coated with sunscreen, emollients, and pay attention to add water. Water is a beauty to share, be sure to drink more water in the spring. Drinking is: morning fasting or before meals should be drinking water, but do not drink before going to bed, in order to avoid eyelid swelling, and then develop into bags. Drinking mineral water and fresh fruit juice is the best, light tea is also a good drink.
Seven, to disease prevention and health spring climate warming, pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, etc., along with the growth and reproduction, prone to influenza, pneumonia, meningitis, viral hepatitis and other infectious diseases incidence, prevalence. Since early spring cold, dry climate, will directly affect the respiratory mucosa defense function, the body's resistance to disease will decline, some pathogenic substances will take advantage of the disease. Therefore, the spring must pay attention to disease prevention and health care.
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